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Masterclass Member

MASTERCLASS MEMBERS love jazz vocals and want to peek behind the curtain and see backstage.  Maybe they're a fan of a particular singer who's presenting and want to see how they approach a song. MASTERCLASS MEMBERS can attend and interact in a weekly Live Zoom Masterclass Series, watch and ask questions in the chat.

Classes are scheduled at different times and days to offer availability to people around the world, but if they can't make it, MASTERCLASS MEMBERS can see the recording of the most recent class for up to a week in the Forum in the MASTERCLASS MEMBER category. 

This Membership level provides 4 monthly sessions.


Singer Member

SINGER MEMBERS are passionate amateurs.  They put the “ama” - love - in amateur.  In addition to attending the masterclass series, SINGER MEMBERS may also apply to sing in the masterclasses! And they have access anytime to

the full archive of masterclasses on the SINGER MEMBERS page of The Forum.  

SINGER MEMBERS can also attend the new Skills Building Workshops Series, with weekly 45 minute classes geared toward tangible learning outcomes.  

These workshops will also be permanently stored in the archive on the SINGER MEMBERS page of The Forum! 

This membership level provides 8 monthly sessions.


Performer Member

PERFORMER MEMBERS are emerging professionals.  This category is designed for students who recently graduated with a singing degree from college, and for people who’ve had a singing hobby for a while and are feeling confident enough to go pro, and as an enrichment opportunity for professionals who’ve already spent time working in the field.


PERFORMER MEMBERS get all the benefits of the SINGER MEMBERSHIP, plus a Professional Development Series with four exciting sessions per month.  This includes one or two Professional Development Workshops, one or two Ask a Pro sessions, and a networking session where teachers, industry professionals and our PERFORMER MEMBERS meet in a moderated Zoom discussion.  

This membership level provides 12 monthly sessions.


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