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Repetition of multi ethnic jazz band in loft. Bass guitar player, electric guitar player,


. . . and all that jazz



Sing a Little Song

JazzVoice offers our members a treasure trove of useful resources, high-quality classes, and a curated educational experience that dives into topics that every jazz vocalist can benefit from.

We work hard to help our members develop skills, engage with their passion, and improve their confidence at the mic. Educationally minded and community-focused, we are committed to creating a supportive network of friends and mentors that can help each other grow and succeed.



Once More, From the Top

JazzVoice grew out of a desire to connect when we were most isolated. During the height of the pandemic (and after she ran out of sourdough starters), founder Alexis Cole resolved to find a new outlet for her lifelong love of all things jazz.

After assembling a loose team of peers and educators, Alexis created an online ecosystem that brought together vocalists from around the world. United by a shared love of learning, artistic exploration, and performance - the JazzVoice platform quickly became a welcoming space for thousands of professional and aspiring singers.

Today, JazzVoice is widely known as a go-to destination for jazz singers of all skill levels. Our members enjoy a wide range of benefits - including world-class lessons, educational resources, and of course: a friendly, supportive community of musicians.

“Forgive me if I don’t have the words. Maybe I can sing it and you’ll understand.” Ella Fitzgerald.