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Grammy Awards 2024! OMG!

 Today was an incredible win for jazz vocals in general and JazzVoice in specific. My student Samara Joy won the grammy for best Jazz Performance, a category usually dominated by instrumentalists. My dear friend, Nicole Zuraitis, a JazzVoice teacher, won the Grammy for best Jazz Vocal Album (which Samara won last year), and säje won for best arrangement for vocals and instrumentals. Both säje and Samara will be our headliners at this year's Vocal Jazz Summit, (June 7-9 in VA Beach) so you can say that we're very "on trend!"


It's amazing to get a nomination, but to see all my friends also WIN Grammy's, it's a little surreal! Go Get it Girls!


This will be a fun week on Jazz Voice. Tomorrow night a teacher of mine from college, who heads the Jazz Vocal program at Western Michigan, Greg Jasperse, will be making his JazzVoice debut. And Thursday afternoon we'll have Simon Rentner, who I met when he was working at WBGO, on for his first class.


Next week we have classes with two of JazzVoice's Grand Dame's - Greta Matassa and Stephanie Nakasian, and I'm performing big Valentine's concerts in Westchester, NY and Tampa, FL, please come by online or in person!


Alexis Cole

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