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Member Spotlight: Tom Francini

Tom has been a member since July 2020, our first full month of classes!

He's almost always there, and always ready to sing in a masterclass at a moment's notice. Encouraging and kind, it's always great to have him in class, and his intimate renditions of ballads with unique arrangements have made me cry on more than one occasion!

And we love when his grand-baby zoom bombs! - Alexis

Like many others who gave up their promising performance careers many years ago for family and financial stability, Tom has returned to his first love: the art of story telling through song. A fixture over the last several years at jazz gigs, jams, master classes and vocal workshops. Tom is most often recognized by fans and fellow performers as solid interpreter of songs, delivered in his unique and engaging style, for his knack of finding interesting and obscure tunes, and then putting them in the spotlight.

When I asked Tom to be our spotlighted member this week, he also sent me a little unsolicited love letter which I'll share. Thanks for the kind words - Alexis

From Tom:

What a gift we have in The ability to connect with people from all over the planet who share the love for this genre of music and want to participate in it is amazing.

The good fortune to join and be schooled by some of the most accomplished vocalists/musicians, teachers and clinicians in the world is an opportunity that should be high on any singers “to do list”. There have been many obstacles for jazz singers today, even before the pandemic, it was hard to find a place to sing because the lack of clubs and venues. has provided a platform for me to hone my craft.

Before joining I had participated in many masterclasses and workshops here in Los Angeles. They were restricted to local talent or those individuals who were on tour and would avail themselves while in town. With the click of a few buttons is able to bring you face to face with a huge repository of talent. Knowledgeable professionals who are sincerely interested in helping you grow and prosper.

I get excited when I see that I’ve got a session coming up on my calendar.

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